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In 1969, a Russian doctor, a member of the North Pole expedition, had no choice but to perform an appendectomy on himself for fear of dying. The closest colony was 36 days of non-stop skiing. He stayed alive and briefly rose to fame. It took him two hours and three non-medical staff to help him perform the miracle. It was the 1960s version of remote medicine bordering on heroism. It’s so different nowadays, safe and convenient. And affordable, to boot. This story is about the dreaded tooth alignment that was – and sometimes still is – performed using metal braces. We will not go into the historical depths of orthodontics for fear of painting a grim picture of past methods. Thanks to companies like Diamond Whites in the UK, aligning crooked teeth and whitening discolored teeth has become stylish, efficient, affordable and remote.

Diamond White was founded in 2012 primarily as a teeth whitening company with its name attesting to the industry. Diamond Whites launched their Invisible Aligners in 2020, after joining forces with leading dentist Dr Richard Marques, who has a long list of celebrity clientele that includes Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Love Island Star Olivia Buckland, Joey Essex, Tom Daley, and more. As the popularity of invisible aligners continues to grow, Diamond Whites is emerging as the top choice among consumers. It changes the concept of straightening teeth from home thanks to innovative technology. Through the combined efforts of entrepreneurial spirit Ben Reed and renowned dentist Dr Richard Marques, the company has raised £ 550,000 in pre-Series A funding from Moscar Capital LP, bringing the value of the company to over 6 , 8 million pounds sterling and giving its growth a boost.

“With our combined knowledge and expertise, we have established Diamond Whites Aligners as a market leader in home tooth alignment,” said Reed and Dr. Marques. “The company’s success in such a short period of time is indicative of the fundamentally different solution it offers to its clients, and we are pleased to have secured the support of Moscar Capital LP to take the company into its next step. growth.

Diamond Whites uses ScanBox AI technology to monitor each patient’s progress, making them the best and first choice in invisible aligners. The alignment process is almost 100% remote with a clinical presence if required. It starts with getting a printing kit in the mail, with instructions on how to make prints properly at home. The impressions are then sent back to the company for a later set of aligners. Customers also have the option of visiting one of their 30 digitization centers in Great Britain, where their trained dental staff will take digital impressions. They will then send you a 3D visual of how your teeth will look after alignment. Diamond Whites is a perfect solution with an average time of around three to six months versus one to two years for metal braces and up to 70% more affordable than traditional brands.

As the brand continues to grow, benefiting from strengthening both its investors and its customer base, Diamond Whites is looking to the rest of Europe next year.

To learn more about the company, visit their website for its plans and the latest news.

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