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Two more Mount Kinabalu climbers swept away

Published on: Friday 06 May 2022

By: Clarence Dol

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One of the victims being carried by a member of the Mosar team.

RANAU: The current high temperature and unusually dry weather in the district is affecting climbers on Mount Kinabalu, with two local climbers suffering complications recently. – injured his foot at km 3 while descending Mount Kinabalu with his mountain guide. A Mosar (mountain search and rescue) team rushed to the scene after being informed of the incident by the guide.

Ranau Fire and Rescue Service chief, PPgB, Ridwan Mohd Taib said the victims were unable to continue their climb on their own. “The five-member Mosar team led by PB Neil Thompson decided to lower the victims using the back-carrying technique to the Timpohon Gate area where an EMRS vehicle emergency) was waiting.”The victims were then rushed to Ranau Hospital for further treatment and the operation was completed at 6:54 p.m.,” he said. Ridwan advised future climbers to do a self-assessment of their health before climbing Mount Kinabalu.

He said they should be mentally and physically prepared and bring only appropriate and necessary items. He said the two victims became the third and fourth for April 2022 and the 25th and 26th injury victims on Mount Kinabalu this year. In January, eight climbers suffered various injuries while climbing Mount Kinabalu. In February, 10 injuries were reported, four in March and four in April.


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