The Leyland brothers spend half the term climbing the highest mountain for a children’s hospice


Christian Mechan, Elliott Mechan and Zac Everett will tackle a mountainous task midterm as they raise funds for Derian House.

Christian Mechan, Elliott Mechan and Zac Everett will tackle a mountainous task midterm as they raise funds for Derian House.

Brothers Elliott, 11, and Christian Mechan, 9, from Leyland will climb with their friend Zac Everett, 7, from Euxton.

Although many school children take a break during midterm, the trio will don their hiking boots to raise money for the Chorley-based Derian House children’s hospice.

More than 400 children receive care from the hospice which provides 24 hour support to sick young people across the Northwest.

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The three friends went on lots of long walks to help them prepare for the 3,560ft trek to the top of Mount Snowdon.

The trio trained hard before the climb and took part in uphill hikes to Darwen Tower and Rivington Pike as well as climbs in the Lake District.

Charlotte Everett, Zac’s mother, will join the boys and other parents as they climb the highest mountain in England and Wales.

“The boys are all very athletic,” says Charlotte, “Elliott and Christian play soccer and Zac play American football.”

“The huge amount of support and donations motivated them to train more in preparation.”

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Elliot, Christian and Zac hit their initial fundraising goal in just 2 days via their JustGiving page and have now doubled with donations still ongoing.

Nicola Mechan, Elliott and Christian’s mother, said: “The boys are delighted and amazed at how much they have managed to raise so far.

“They are very touched by the kindness and generosity of people.

“When deciding on a charity to fundraise for, Derian House really had an impact on them.

“Bringing it back to kids their own age made them want to try and help somehow.”

The funds will give a vital boost to the hospice, which takes care of its families free of charge.

Derian House’s services cost £ 5million per year and only 12% of that is government funded.

Charlotte Robinson, Derian House Community Fundraiser, said: “We are so inspired by Elliott, Christian and Zac’s enthusiasm and commitment to their challenge.

“The money they’ve raised will help us continue to care for the children and youth who need us most.

“We will be very proud to see them reach the top of Mount Snowdon.”

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