Sydney gets $ 300million indoor ski resort that will have snow all year round


For those of us who just can’t fucking get up in the middle of the night and drive up to the Snowy Mountains, find a place to stay, put chains on car tires and all that other stuff. of snow, that’s the news for you. West Sydney has just received approval to host Australia’s first ski and snow covered resort.

Fuck yeah, I love that I can spend some time without having to think about putting all my clothes in the back of the car and driving for hours on end to get into this big white business.

Set to open on the Nepean River in Penrith in the winter of 2024, Winter Sports World is a massive $ 300 million site that includes a 300-meter ski slope for advanced snow bunnies, a luxury hotel 4.5 stars with 120 rooms, an Olympic-sized ice rink, ice climbing, snow games (!!!) and restaurants and cafes for this après-ski energy so important.

According to the development website, Winter Sports World should be a space where people with track experience can visit during a little snowy weather, from beginners who want to learn, to Winter Olympians who want to train for the sport. like downhill skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, snowboarding and curling – arguably the best snow sport of all.

Plus, it looks super futuristic on the outside, like some sort of Men in black shit from headquarters.

Apparently Sydney’s new ski resort in the middle of the western suburbs will have “real perfect snow all year round” which is an impressive feat in itself. How are they going to get the snow into the premises when it is baking at 45 ° outside in the middle of summer? Go shake a cloud? Who knows, but I like the engagement in the song.

But the only thing I hope it brings is all the skiers dressing in costumes and going down the slopes. It’s probably one of the funniest things to see someone in a huge Big Bird costume come down the hill with someone in a mule wig screaming behind them.

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