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Sun Valley Ski Education this week revealed an extraordinary achievement for the local ski and snowboard community, announcing that eight local athletes have made the 2020-2021 US Ski and Snowboard Team.

“This is an incredible achievement for those involved, the SVSEF organization, our partners at Sun Valley Co., BCRD and the community we live in,” SVSEF Executive Director Scott McGrew said in a statement. “As we compete with a diversity of communities, large and small, the density of SVSEF athletes representing the United States at the highest level speaks volumes about our values, our venues, our partnerships, our coaches and our community.

The chosen ones are Chase Josey, Jesse Keefe, Jack Smith, Ryder Sarchett, Dasha Romanov, Kevin Bolger, Johnny Hagenbuch and Sydney Palmer-Leger. There could be another addition with Jake Adicoff. Adicoff has reached the standard to be part of the US Paralympic team, but has yet to be officially named.

Despite the incredible challenges that were present during the ski and snowboard season, the SVSEF kept the competition alive by creating programming and opportunities throughout the Wood River Valley and beyond.

“Wood River Valley’s ability to create world-class winter sports competitive opportunities for children growing up in rural Idaho is a signature in our DNA that defines us and inspires our future legacy,” McGrew said. “It has been an extraordinary effort from our entire community to give our athletes the opportunity to continue to pursue their dreams and find their best in the mountains and on the slopes.

Of the eight national team athletes, half are from the Wood River Valley and SVSEF, while several came to high school as SVSEF athletes and students of Sun Valley Community School.

Sun Valley Resort President and CEO Tim Silva also issued a statement congratulating SVSEF’s accomplishment.

“The legacy of the athletes who have followed the program over the years is tremendous and we are proud to be associated with them. Silva said. “Hats off to all of the SVSEF athletes named to the US Ski Team and Paralympic Team this year. We wish you good luck in your training and competitions. “

SVSEF Athletes

Chase Josey –US snowboard team. Olympian and US team veteran, Josey has been with the team since 2016. He is from WRV.

Jesse Keefe –Alpine, American “A” Paralympic Team. Keefe is from Wood River Valley and has been with SVSEF since he was 8 years old. He’s from the WRV.

Jack Smith –Alpine, United States Development Team. This will be Smith’s second year on the team. He’s from Oregon.

Ryder Sarchett –Alpine, United States Development Team. This is Sarchett’s first year on the team. He’s from WRV.

Dasha Romanov –Alpine, United States Development Team. This is Romanov’s first year on the team. She’s from Colorado.

Kevin Bolger –Cross country, American “B” team. This is Bolger’s third year on the team. He was from Wisconsin.

Johnny Hagenbuch –Cross country, American “D” team. This is Hagenburch’s third year on the team. He’s from WRV.

Sydney Palmer-Leger –Cross country, American “D” team. This is Palmer-Léger’s second year on the team. She’s from Utah.

* This updated version reflects that Johnny Hagenbuch made the US Cross Country Team for the third year, not the second.


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