Ski or board under the midnight sun – The season starts soon


The annual fortnight when skiing and snowboarding are offered under the midnight sun is fast approaching.

Riksgränsen, located 200 km (125 miles) north of the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, will offer skiing and snowboarding under the midnight sun from May 7-21 this year.

Activity is offered several times during each of the two weeks as daylight returns 24 hours a day at its northern latitude.

Riksgränsen, long promoted as the spring skiing capital of Europe, has an unusual ski season, running from late February to late May each year. In mid-May, it is one of the only ski areas in Europe still open.

The resort has also traditionally reopened in mid-summer at the end of June each year, normally selling out space well in advance, although it has missed a few years recently and says it will not offer skiing mid-summer this year in 2022. Snow depths are currently 1.2-2.3 meters (4-8 feet).

The resort has its own clinic and medical teams on site and in the spring of 2020 it was thought to be the only ski area in the world to remain open during the first wave of the pandemic and the global lockdown, after agreeing with authorities local medical services that it was equipped to deal with any outbreak.


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