Orbea to move US operations to Boulder, Colorado


After nearly 15 years in Little Rock, Arkansas, Orbea moved its US office and operations to Boulder, Colorado in May. With an incredible increase in company sales
In recent years, Orbea sees this as the perfect time to relocate to one of North America’s premier cycling cities.

“We believe that Boulder’s incredible cycling culture and progressive landscape aligns perfectly with our goals as a brand and as a company,” said US General Manager Nick Howe. the next level. “

Hailed as one of America’s best cities for tech development, environmentally conscious businesses, and progressive-minded organizations, Boulder offers a talent pool and community that echoes the seat of innovation. found in Orbea’s house for 181 years in northern Spain. .

“Much like the Basque Country, Boulder is a hotbed of innovation, education and culture,” said Gonzalo García de Salazar, Orbea’s global sales manager from his office in Mallabia, Spain, “with his culture focused on the mountains and his incredible love for cycling, we knew this would be the perfect location for our walk into the US market in the future. ”

With its highly educated and talented population and centralized location in the country, Orbea believes that Boulder will enable the company to offer better dealer support and better customer service than ever before; because they continue to focus on product innovation and the stated goal of being the world’s easiest to work brand.

“Little Rock has been a wonderful home, and deciding to relocate was certainly not an easy one,” Howe continued, “but we saw the opportunity to be in a center of cycling, technology and culture in the States. -United like something we couldn’t. t let it go. We see this as a launching pad for the future, and the perfect place to show off Orbea’s innovative, passionate and magnificent cycling.
soul for tomorrow and beyond.

Orbea’s planned move to Colorado will begin in the second week of May with the transition completed on June 1.


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