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Logan Wilcoxson, business owner, accomplished climber and avid outdoorsman, passed away on May 19, 2021 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Logan was born July 15, 1969 in Columbus, Indiana. After graduating from Edinburgh High School, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University in 1992.

In 2000, Logan married Melissa Blevins. The following year, they welcomed a son, Noah, and in 2005, they were lucky enough to have a daughter, Sarah.

Logan began his career in news media working for television stations in both Indiana, Colorado and Arkansas. In 2003, Logan opened Little Rock Climbing Center with his wife Melissa. They were proud to be part of the wonderful Arkansas rock climbing community.

Logan was a founding member and past president of the Arkansas Climbers Coalition, an ambassador for the American Alpine Club, a one-time field instructor for the American Mountain Guide Association, an instructor for the Climbing Wall Association, a road installer of level 1 in the United States and a first responder in the wild. He has guided rock climbing trips to Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania and Nepal.

Logan’s love for rock climbing equaled his love for teaching others to climb. Its climbing center has welcomed young and old, as well as experienced and inexperienced climbers. Logan has helped countless climbers achieve their personal fitness goals and gain confidence through their accomplishments.

Logan’s travels were simply epic. The places he traveled, the people he met, and the natural beauty he witnessed are things most of us only read. Logan loved to travel, and during his stays, he immersed himself in local customs, foods, and the stories of his new friends from around the world.

Logan was fearless. He lived and played hard, pushing his physical limits and stretching his mental and physical abilities. Since its inception, Logan has competed in a climbing competition known as the Horseshoe Hell – 24 Hour Climbing. When the 12 hour competition was added, he took on that challenge as well, participating in 36 hours of rock climbing in 2 days. Logan loved the camaraderie, the physical challenge and the opportunity to take in all the beauty in the world.

Logan once said that after years of living on the Midwestern plains, it was in the mountains of Colorado that he truly discovered himself. Arkansas, dubbed the natural state, gave him the opportunity to be a rock climbing guide, ultra-runner, cyclist, and backpacker.

In addition to his family and friends, Logan’s many dogs over the years have held a special place in his heart. Logan and Melissa took in dogs and gave a few their homes forever. They supported the Central Arkansas Rescue Effort (CARE) and the Paws in Prison program.

Logan’s quick smile, kind heart, and frenzied laughter will be missed by anyone who knew him.

Logan is survived by his wife Melissa Wilcoxson; the children Noah and Sarah; parents Phil and Bonnie Wilcoxson; brother Dave (Jenni) Wilcoxson; sister Merica (Benny) Woods; nieces Elena (Wilcoxson) Crosier, Laurel Wilcoxson and Merrin Woods; as well as her stepmother Barbara (David) Beach and her stepfather William (Margaret) Blevins.

Can memorials be made at the Arkansas Climbers Coalition (https://www.arkansasclimbers.org) or at CARE? Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals (https://www.careforanimals.org).

A meeting will take place on Friday, May 28 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Little Rock Climbing Center. There will be another souvenir and celebration in Edinburgh, Indiana at the end of June.

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