Inner-City White Boy Gears Up For Midweek Indoor Volleyball Clash With Kendrick Lamar’s New Album – The Betoota Advocate



One of Betoota Grove’s most ruthless indoor volleyball talents enters the zone this afternoon, to the sound of Kendrick Lamar’s latest album.

Local junior tax accountant Hugo Withers prepares to roll out of the downtown Betoota KPMG office in a rush to make a 6 p.m. whistleblower at the Betoota Ponds PCYC.

Walking with heavy swag in his step and sporting a 2XU duffel bag next to his desk, young Hugo is believed to have extinguished all his white-collar worries and is gearing up for the big game.

“Yeah man, we have a top of the table clash tonight in our mixed volleyball tournament, we’re playing forever,” Hugo said. the lawyer.

“We face the ‘Tootie Fruities’ tonight, they beat us last time out so we really have to face them!”

With his headphones pumping out the latest hit, ‘N95’, it is understood witnesses saw the young finance grad utter the lyrics; ‘Can I speak all my truth? I have nothing to lose… The government taxes my funds in the bank, the homies attract the feds”.

“Damn I can’t be late tonight, after my last ski vacation in Whistler my Phsyio gave me these therapeutic stretches I need to do before playing!”

Four tracks from the latest album, Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, Hugo admitted the lawyer that the softer, free-jazz-inspired work didn’t quite hit the same pre-gym amp levels as Kendrick’s previous records.

“Yeah, it’s all a bit wordy this one, I might need a little ‘mAAd city’ or ‘Backstreet Freestyle’ and a Diet Coke before tipping to really pump me up! “

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