8 of Georgia’s Most Scenic Mountains (and Best Hiking Trails)


Taking a break from the reality of life – and escaping for a few days in a refreshing and relaxing space is essential. And let’s face it, the Georgian mountains are one of those places. The state has some of the most scenic mountains that are worth every tourist’s time and vacation dollars. The most scenic mountains of this beautiful state feature unique character, availability of accommodations and the kind of refreshment one may need after a long period of work. Georgia’s mountains have the best hiking trails and offer the perfect destinations for adventure and spending quality time with family and friends. These are 8 of the most scenic mountains in Georgia (and the best hiking trails).

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8 Bald Mountain from Brasstown

Located at 4,784 feet above sea level, Brasstown Bald Mountain is the highest peak in Georgia and is located a short distance from Hiawassee, Helen and Blairsville. This mountain offers a great adventure experience for travelers who go hiking. There are picnic areas with incredible views, three trailheads, and an observation deck that guarantees stunning views of the surroundings.

Brasstown Bald Trail is a 1.4 mile round trip route, located near Young Harris, Georgia. This trail takes about 45 minutes to complete and travelers consider it moderately difficult to hike. This trail is very popular, and other visitors come to bird watch and run the trails – other than the hike to the top.

  • Best time to visit: From March to October.

7 Blue Ridge Mountain

Stretching from the northern part of Virginia to northern Georgia, this mountain range is one of Georgia’s most scenic mountains to explore. Whether you’re spending a day hiking, horseback riding through its lush forest, or spending time with friends and family, Georgia’s stunning Blue Ridge Mountain will leave travelers enamored with its scenic attractions and friendly locals! No matter what time of year you visit, this region will always be amazing – thanks to enjoyable festivals and spectacular attractions. When travelers visit and explore this place, an unforgettable visiting experience is guaranteed.

In this area, the most impressive route is the Long Branch Loop Trail, a 3.7 kilometer trail that takes about 1 hour to complete. Many travelers visiting this area engage in other activities, including mountain biking and running, aside from hiking.

  • Best time to explore: From March to October.

6 stone mountain

Located in the center of Stone Mountain National Park, which covers an area of ​​3,000 acres, Stone Mountain is one of the most visited places in Georgia and features the world’s largest high relief sculpture, bringing travelers back to war civil. Located over 800 feet above sea level, Stone Mountain is fun to hike to the top. Travelers can find a sense of peace and wilderness as they explore its lush forests, open rock regions, and its peak – which guarantees fantastic views of the surroundings.

The Stone Mountain Walk-Up Trail near the mountain is a very popular hiking route that spans 3.5 kilometers and takes about an hour and 7 minutes to reach the summit. It’s not that hard to hike, but the rocks get slippery in wet seasons.

  • Admission fee: $8 per vehicle. There are no other costs for climbing the mountain on foot.
  • Camping: Travelers can still camp in the park, with prices ranging from $23 to $38 per night.
  • When to climb the mountain: Explorable at any time of the year. Travelers may have difficulty climbing the mountain in winter due to the ice cover in steep areas of the trail.

5 Mount Sawnee

At 1,967 feet above sea level, Sawnee Mountain is taller than Stone Mountain in Georgia by nearly 300 feet, but Georgia’s tallest peak, Brasstown Bald, is almost twice as tall as Sawnee. Located a few miles north of Cumming, Sawnee is the highest point in Forsyth County and is a great place to have fun – thanks to the many playgrounds, picnic areas, gardens and hiking trails. Travelers of all ages can always have fun in this breathtaking. Hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, running and abseiling are some adventure activities that visitors can enjoy here.

The Indian Seats Trail, a 5.1 kilometer route located near Cumming, is rated moderately difficult, and takes about 1.5 hours to reach the summit. This trail offers incredible views of the mountains located north of Georgia. One shouldn’t explore this mountain without witnessing sunsets from the top – simply breathtaking.

4 Mount Springer

As one of Georgia’s most visited hiking destinations, Springer Mountain is a must-see for adventure seekers. The mountain promises beautiful summit views from the many starting points for spectacular hiking and hiking trails. The rocky slopes are fun to explore as travelers can see the Blue Ridge mountain range.

The Appalachian Trail offers an incredible hiking and climbing experience to the top of the mountain. Exploring the beautiful valleys and scenic waterfalls and admiring some of the most incredible views around is an unforgettable experience.

3 Eagle’s Rest Park

Eagle’s Rest Park allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature. The spectacular Oglethorpe Mountain Trail guarantees magnificent views and offers travelers an incredible opportunity to enjoy the serenity of nature. Along the 2.7km course there is plenty to see and do including rock climbing, hiking and running. The wooden observation decks offer a unique view of the mountain, over 3,000 feet above sea level.

2 pine mountain

Pine Mountain is the place in southwest Georgia where vegetation doesn’t grow close together. The Pine Mountain Range features scenic waterfalls and springs, stunning vistas, and rocky outcrops. The destination is unique and travelers won’t have to struggle to find where to relax thanks to the many accommodations in the area.

The best hiking trail here is the Pine Mountain Trail, built by the Pine Mountain Trail Association. Stretching nearly 40 miles, this trail is one of the gems of the Georgia State Park System and guarantees an unforgettable hiking experience.

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1 Mount Bell

Located in Hiawassee near Lake Chatuge, Bell Mountain is another scenic mountain in northern Georgia that doesn’t involve much hiking, but incredible views are guaranteed. Climbing this mountain is great, the only downside being the graffiti on the rocks, which are literally everywhere. Travelers can only notice a few places without paintings. There was once a tradition that people who explored Bel Mountain left a trail. There has always been talk about graffiti – some people think it destroys the beauty of nature while others love the ability to leave their mark behind.

Incredible 360 ​​degree views from the mountain’s observation decks make this place unique and fun to explore. Travelers can sit on the viewing platform and have an amazing view of Lake Chatuge. Watching the birds fly over the lake is another fun experience that no traveler would want to miss. Even with that, the spectacular views make this mountain worth a visit and draw attention away from the graffiti.

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