30 of the best places to eat and explore throughout Italy


Sure, all of Europe might have a lot to offer in terms of culture and cuisine, but when it comes to places to visit, Italy tops the list. From pasta to photo ops to ancient and awe-inspiring architecture, it’s hard to imagine a better vacation (or honeymoon!) destination. The problem is that when trying to find the best places to visit in Italy, it can quickly become overwhelming. Although the country is only about the size of Arizona, there is so much to see.

To cover the bases: Italy is known for its incredible display of Renaissance art and architecture, world-famous wine, stunning landscapes and, of course, its cuisine. Not only is Italy the origin of traditional pizza, many pasta dishes and creamy gelato, but it is also the source of some of the best olives, lemons and seafood in the world. (Just a quick tip while you eat across the country: Top restaurants *don’t* have food pictures on their menus. Avoid them and you’ll eat like a local.)

But it’s not just the decadent dishes and renowned works of art that make Italy so beloved, it’s also the country’s diversity. Yes, there are the Tuscan hills and the GladiatorRoman-style structures, but there are also mountain ranges! And the beaches! And the hot springs! And literal caves you can sleep in!

So to help you narrow down your mammoth list of Italian places to visit, we’ve compiled 30 of the best cities, landmarks and attractions Italy has to offer. All that’s missing is a nice local to drive you around on their Vespa, but we’ll let you figure that out on your own. Ciao bella!


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