Women on the rise

Mountain sports and mountaineering was for a long time considered a purely male domain. Until the 1970s, there were still individual DAV sections that did not record women. A glance at the statistics shows that these times are long gone.

Image result for mountaineering women42% female members – more women in voluntary work

At the turn of the year, the DAV counted 522,157 women out of a total of 1,237,810 members – equivalent to 42.2% compared to 41.8% in the previous year. As a result, members of the DAV have continued their long-lasting trend towards a balanced gender ratio in the DAV.

An all-round positive image, especially in nationwide comparison with other sports associations. The DOSB even reports a decline in female membership from 40.0% in 2016 to 39.8% in 2017.

3 women in the presidium

The presidency of the DAV Bundesverband has its nose in terms of gender equality. Three of the seven members are female, which corresponds to a proportion of women of almost 43%.

Nearly a quarter of women are women in the other federal and state governing bodies (Federal Council, Presidial Committees, commissions, regional subdivisions).

In comparison: In the presidiums of the DOSB member organizations, the female quota is on average 30%.

30% women in section honorary offices

At section level, the family group leaders lead with 56% and the secretaries with 50%. At the other end of the scale are the hut clerks with only 5% and apprentices with 11%.

In about 9%, in fact in 33 sections, women hold the section presidency. A value that is at the same level after a strong increase for about 5 years. If all section offices are added together, the proportion of women is about 30% on average.

Mountain sports become more female

Image result for mountaineering womenMountain sports and mountaineering was for a long time considered a purely male domain. Until the 70s of the last century, there were individual sections that did not accommodate female members.

This is not the case any more: mountain sports enthusiasts, regardless of age and sex, are equally on the move in the many different types of mountain sports, from climbing to mountain biking, from hiking to high-altitude touring.

The evolution in volunteering shows the same trends, but the absolute numbers of membership development lag behind. If the DAV is also good compared to other sports clubs, then this is no reason to rest. Especially in the governing bodies the air gets thinner and also here a good mix would make the Alpenverein good.