Start of the autumn hiking season

Start of the autumn hiking season

Image result for mountaineeringThe current cold front has ended the beautiful late summer. At present it is snowing down to less than 2000 meters in the Bavarian Alps. The sun will be back in the next few days, and then the perfect time for hiking starts for many. Finally, autumn is clear air, good visibility and colorful trees. When planning a tour, however, there are a few things to keep in mind: the days are short and the temperature differences are big, there can be snow here and there and the huts are closing soon – just to name a few. The DAV provides helpful tips for successful autumn tours.

Summer 2018: A good mountain season

The hot summer of 2018 brought many people to the mountains and brought many guests to most of the huts of the German Alpine Club. Throughout, the landlords draw a very positive interim balance and call the beautiful weather as the main reason. The water shortage in some places and the heat on some days are only marginal. Thomas Auer from the Höllentalangerhütte in the Wetterstein Mountains, for example, says: “On the whole, that was a very satisfying summer, so we wish that for next year too!”

The huts have been open for so long

For the planning of many tours the exact hut opening times are important. In general, huts in middle locations usually open until mid-October or longer, while huts in Hochgebrige already close. The daily opening hours of the most important huts in the German and adjacent Alpine region are on . Depending on the weather, however, the opening hours may shift at short notice. If the weather is nice, many huts also open longer! It makes sense, therefore, always to inquire by phone at the cottage before the tour.

Practical tips: Take special care in the fall

With the ten recommendations of the DAV for mountain hiking , you are safe all year round. However, in the autumn hiking tour and equipment must be adapted to the conditions, as mountain sports enthusiasts will be confronted with changing temperatures, shorter days, cool nights and snow at higher altitudes. So you start well prepared and safe in the autumn hiking season:

  1. Consider shorter days : While you can still enjoy the view in July at nine in the evening, the sun sets in early October two hours earlier. In addition, it gets cold very quickly at night. Shorter tours reduce the risk of getting lost or injured in the dark. A front or flashlight also serves well as darkness falls.
  2. Warm clothing: In addition to normal hiking equipment , warm clothing should not be missing in the backpack. Another warm layer, such as a fleece jacket, is as much a part of the backpack as a cap. Even a spare shirt does not hurt: In wet and strong wind you cool much faster.
  3. Altered Trajectory: In shady areas, trails are often wet and slippery, even when the ground “around the corner” is warm and dry. Special care when walking in shady areas is therefore important – and of course good footwear. In addition, you will find more snow and icy spots at higher altitudes. If you want to go high, you should have the right equipment (gaiters, possibly a grovel or crampons) and have mountain experience.
  4. Check conditions: There are large temperature differences between the valley and the mountain in all seasons. In the fall there is often winter, while you can still walk in the T-shirt below. For this reason, it is important to check the weather forecast in advance of the tour. The mountain weather on provides the daily weather report in the Alps. This can be filtered by location and region and indicates the trend for the next few days. In addition, the mountain report provides a good overview of the weather in the Alps for the next weekend. He appears every Thursday at 16 clock on .

These are the best autumn tours

The ideal autumn tour in the Bavarian Alps should be varied, sunny, not too high and possibly combined with a possibility to stop at an open hut. Under tours are available that meet these criteria. Two multi-day hikes are included. To take you to the mountains, the tours are printable or offline in the accompanying free app on your smartphone.

Autumn in the mountaineering villages

Mountaineer villages are special starting points for autumn hikes and perfect destinations for multi-day stays over long weekends, such as the holiday of the 3rd of October. Mountain climbing villages have been established in four countries since this summer: In addition to Austria, South Tyrol and Germany, Slovenia also includes Jezersko. In 2018 the Ladin village Lungiarü and the Bavarian community Kreuth were also added. Mountaineering villages are ideal locations for fans of sustainable tourism and affinity for mountain sports: nature has priority, protected areas are maintained and maintained, ropeway technical developments are not an issue, soft tourism is not a foreign word in community politics, culture and customs are lived. In close cooperation with the communities, the alpine associations in the mountaineering villages campaign for sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism development in the Alpine region.