Private Pension Bank Loan Application

Private Pension Bank Loan Application


Providing loans to the pensioner with the most appropriate interest rate, Good Finance Bank is one of the leading financial institutions preferred by many retired citizens in our country. Those wishing to apply for a Good Finance Bank pension loan are particularly curious about the terms of the bank’s loan disbursements and age limits.

Pensioners carrying their salary to the Institution; They can also benefit from advantageous options such as restructuring, debt consolidation or transfer of new loans. The conditions for benefiting from the loan package related to the Good Finance Bank pension loan campaign may vary depending on the risky status of the customer.

Good Finance Bank Pension Loan Features


One of the most striking features of Good Finance Bank pension loan is its postponement advantage. Within the scope of the campaign, a maximum of 48 months and a minimum of 3 months can be made.

If the branch deems it necessary for retired citizens, the person can request the identity document as well as the income document, SSI web document or income letter. In addition, it is not valid for customers who are subject to a private pension fund to be able to apply only by birth certificate.

Good Finance Bank Pension Loan Calculation and Interest Rates


Good Finance Bank, which is among the private banks operating in our country, receives 0.5 percent of the allocation fee for retirement loans. This rate does not include 5 percent BITT. In addition, Good Finance Bank’s pension loan calculation procedures include insurance premiums based on the loan amount and maturity requested by the customer. The insurance premium may vary depending on the customer.

Good Finance Bank’s pension loan interest rates as of September;

  • 1,69 for the loan amount of 10,000 TL
  • 1,59 for the loan amount of TL 15,000
  • For the loan amount of TL 25.000, it is 1,49.

When we calculate Good Finance pension loan over these interest rates; Considering that you have taken a loan of TL 10,000 with a maturity of 48 months, your monthly installment amount will be TL 327.88. The monthly installment amount of 25.000 TL which is 780.29 TL will be reflected to the payment table.

What is the age limit of Good Finance Bank Pension Loan?

Credit age limitation is an application in the working policy of each bank. The age limit for Good Finance Bank pension loans is between 18-75 years. Therefore, all retirees under the age of 75 may apply to benefit from the financing packages of these banks.

If the bank from which the pension is taken and the bank with which the loan is used are the same, flexibility may be shown. For this, we recommend that you go to the nearest branch of the bank and get detailed information through the representative…

How to Apply for Good Finance Bank Pension Loan?


Since Good Finance Bank pension loan application can only be made at the branches, you can apply at all branches with your Population Card containing the citizenship number.

The conditions of benefiting from this campaign may vary according to the risky situation of the customer. In addition, the said campaign cannot be combined with other credit campaigns of Good Finance. The Bank reserves the right to change the wage amounts, interest rates and maturity options.

Good Finance pension loan applications cannot be made online through the institution’s website or internet branch. There are also no alternative applications for mobile applications and ATMs.

The Bank only evaluates applications made through branches.