Excursion destinations – Odenwald

Excursion destinations – Odenwald

What you should have experienced in the Odenwald and on the mountain road.

AlemannenwegWhat can we do with the children today? What should you have seen and experienced in the Odenwald and on the mountain road? What do we do when it rains?

Together with our partners, the IHK Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar, the UNESCO Geo-Nature Park Bergstraße-Odenwald, the Tourismus Service Bergstraße eV, the Darmstadt Marketing GmbH and the Tourist Association Odenwald eV we have put together the most exciting destinations for you and your family. Here are some tips to spend a nice day in any season and in any weather.

We look forward to returning home full of enthusiasm from Odenwald and Bergstraße.



The Alemannenweg is a circular route for long-distance walkers of about 144 kilometers in length. In addition to beautiful landscapes, many cultural and historical sights are on the way.

Auerbacher Schloss

Auerbacher Castle

The castle Auerbach is one of the most famous castles on the mountain road. Particularly fascinating is the unique view of the Rhine valley and the Odenwald.

Bergtierpark Fürth-Erlenbach

The mountain animal park presents animals from mountainous regions in a natural environment. On a 1 km long circular walk, the way of life of 200 animals from 5 continents can be explored.

Burg Guttenberg


Castle Guttenberg

The romantic castle Guttenberg is located high above the Neckar valley. A special attraction is the German Greifenwarte at the castle with daily flight demonstrations.


Burgensteig mountain road

The Burgensteig leads over about 120 kilometers along the mountain road from Darmstadt to Heidelberg. In addition to the numerous castles also entice fantastic views of the Rhine valley.

Eberstadter Tropfsteinhöhle

Eberstadt stalactite cave

The Eberstadt stalactite cave is a rewarding and worth seeing excursion destination for the whole family in every season.


Wine and stone adventure trail

The 7 km long “Wine and Stone Adventure Trail” presents interesting facts about wine, grape varieties, geology, history, lifestyle, flora and fauna of the region.