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  • $ 29.00

    Characteristics Resistant, light and totally removable. Wide mouth to facilitate cleaning or to introduce ice. Anti-drip nozzle. Top cap to facilitate emptying or to leave open when not in use improving ventilation. Handle to fill comfortably, even in many Raidlight backpacks will allow you not to have to ...

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  • $ 170.00

    Skin Pro 10 Set is a slim-fit, lightweight, one-size-fits-all backpack that offers the versatility needed for hiking, running or cycling. With Salomon's elastic SensiFit ™ construction, the backpack features a new strap adjustment that improves stability and allows the backpack to be adjusted to different sizes, making it easier to hold ...

  • $ 70.00 $ 140.00

    The Olmo 12 L is an ultralight, medium capacity backpack for long training sessions and ultra-trails. greatly renewed to improve it to become the best twelve liter backpack we have ever made.

  • $ 60.00

    Conceived to combine the lightness of a layer of clothing with the functionality of a small pack, this vest has a nearly invisible profile, yet is hydration-friendly and has just the right amount of storage for your running essentials.

  • $ 92.50 $ 185.00

    If you're ready to race to new and adventurous places, the Signature Series Mountain Vest is equipped to carry the gear that will allow you to succeed on the peaks.

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