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    Excellent 'second skin' and 3/4 length, pirate; they highlight its comfort, softness and breathability; excellent garment for training and competition. Very high quality of materials and detailed construction for those who demand the maximum in material for their sport.

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  • $ 61.00

    Description: More than a short mesh, for all types of terrain, fitted with front and back pockets, very fast drying and very light. Features: Droiland DS (32% Lycra Sport, 68% Polyamide) anti-bacteria treatment, flat seams and silicone closure seams.

  • $ 37.80

    Long mesh made of polyester and Lycra covered with Silver Ions, with antibacterial, antiallergic and anti-odor treatment. Seamless manufacturing system, with constant evaporation of sweat and quick drying, keeping the skin dry at all times and a constant body temperature.

  • $ 48.00

    Simple and lightweight running shorts with breathable panels on the inside of the leg, sides and back. Offers comfort and freedom of movement on hot days.

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    Technical pants that stand out for their comfort and lightness. Land applies the new Droiland Plus technology, building a very light and friction resistant laminate that is very fast drying. Includes back pocket with anti-rebound zipper, waist tensioner and inner slip.

  • Short running tights specially conceived and designed for running ultratrails and long marches. Made with a fabric that is characterized by its balance of breathability, quick drying and water repellency. It avoids the chafing that usually occurs during exercise and offers extremely high comfort (due to its elasticity in all four senses).

  • $ 44.00

    Gust shot is a short, essential and made of lightweight stretch fabric with flat seams and anti-chafing

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