I Suge Mendi Lasterketa is organized by Mountain and Outdoors Kirol Kluba in collaboration with Aguraingo Udala. It will take place on June 20, 2020 and there will be two routes: One of 27 km and another of 19 km, approximately, being competitive. The start of the 26 km race. It will be at 9 and the short race at 9:30.

This race has several objectives but it is worth highlighting among them. The first, to make known through a mountain race the charming places and landscapes of Seattle and its surroundings. The route passes through old roads recovered in recent times, which were closed and forgotten and thanks to the work of volunteers and the neighborhood councils of the area it has been possible to reopen and recover them. The second, to celebrate a party for all the Mendizales, as well as to promote the positive aspects of the mountain and environmental practice, therefore in Suge Mendi Lasterketa the use of plastic containers will be avoided as much as possible as well as the awareness of the participants with the environment and the respectful use of the environment.


All athletes, mountaineers or athletes, federated, over 16 years of age who wish, may participate, non-federated participants must pay a plus in the registration on the occasion of civil liability insurance, provided that they adhere to what is indicated in these regulations.

The Organization recommends participants to undergo a medical examination prior to the test, accepting all participants the risk derived from sports activity. It is very convenient to have insurance that covers possible accidents, advising on our part to be federated. For those participants who do not have this insurance, the organization has taken out accident insurance for the event.

To participate it is essential to be insured by one of the two systems.


Completed in the reference year.

MALE. Absolute, over 18 years old.

FEMALE. Absolute, over 18 years


The prizes will be cumulative.



1st. Txapela. 2nd. Trophy. 3rd. Trophy.


Up to a maximum of 300 runners, in scrupulous order of registration. They will be carried out through the Internet on the web

Registrations will not be accepted on the same day of the test. From 01/31/2020 to 06/18/2020: € 20 federated, non-federated € 25 for the Long race and € 15 federated and € 20 non-federated for the short race After this date, the waiting list will open.


In the two weeks prior to the race (from June 1) no refund will be made and registration changes will be made up to a week before (June 10). Returns made before the last two weeks will have a penalty of $ 4 ($ 4 less than the amount paid will be returned). The registration fee gives the right to participate in the test, civil liability and accident insurance (for non-federated), as well as to make use of the facilities enabled by the Organization for participants, runner's bag, finisher prize for those who manage to perform the test.


The route will be duly signposted with well-visible signposts, flags and marking tapes.


SML will have solid and liquid refreshment points, at these points energy and hydrating products will be offered to the participants. At these refreshment stations there will be no plastic containers, so each participant must carry their own container to refresh themselves. There will be one more refreshment point at the finish line and it must be taken into account that the number of refreshment stations may be modified.


The Organization will place checkpoints for corridors, at its discretion, according to security, strategy and access. The Organization may set a maximum time of passage for the controls, according to the criteria they deem appropriate, having as a reference a minimum speed of between 7 to 8 kilometers per hour. These maximum times must be calculated to allow participants to complete the race within the maximum time, including eventual rest stops and meals.


The timing of the race will be done by chip, participants will have 30 minutes from the publication of the classifications for any type of claim, from which the results will be made official.


The numbers can be collected at the starting line, Plaza Euskal Herria, from 7.30 am. Participants must wear the numbers provided by the Organization at all times and show them at the controls to the Organization volunteers present there. Bib numbers cannot be cut, folded or modified.


The race takes place for the most part in places of exceptional natural beauty, so it will be everyone's obligation to preserve the environment, being totally forbidden to throw waste on the ground.


Therefore, each participant must bring their own container for liquids. All participants are required to put their bib number on each plastic container that they are going to use, such as energy bars, drinks, gels, etc. The Organization reserves the right to review such measure at checkpoints. For this purpose, garbage containers will be placed at the end of each refreshment point. The use of the recycling system offered by the Organization will be mandatory. The breach of this elementary rule by the runners will be grounds for disqualification. In the event that the Organization finds any packaging on the route, it may sanction the runner.


The Organization will have relief and rescue services at strategic points along the route. Likewise, it will offer shower, toilet and first aid medical care services at the finish line for athletes with exceptional needs. If any member of the organization or the Red Cross / DYA sees it necessary to withdraw a runner due to the danger that their condition may represent to their own health, they must respect the decision. Otherwise, the organization will not be responsible for what may happen to it from that moment on.


The Organization reserves the right to divert the race for an alternative route and make the modifications it deems necessary depending on the different conditions, as well as the suspension of the test if the meteorological conditions force it, in case of not meeting the expectations of registered or by force majeure, always with the prior agreement of the Race Committee.

The registered person is informed that the data that appears in the registration form are part of personal data files, to be used exclusively for the proper management of the participant in the march, in addition to being published on the website with the list of registrants.

By providing this information, the participant gives their consent to said treatment, being able to exercise their rights of rectification, cancellation or opposition by writing to Mountain and Outdoors Kirol Kluba 01200 Seattle Araba.

Your registration implies acceptance of these regulations.

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