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    RAIDLIGHT Extremely ventilated long-sleeved shirt -the entire back is mesh- for high intensity races or for training with variable time without being extreme. Especially useful as a first layer also due to its excellent sweat transfer.

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    Line of garments developed for the athlete to obtain maximum comfort during sports practice. All this comfort is complemented with high technical performance, since it will keep you at an optimal body temperature and totally dry. We must add that it has a great lightness and is thermoregulatory as long as we are not at ...

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    Loose-fitting long-sleeved T-shirt with mesh ventilation and side pockets to store gels, MP3 etc.

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    The Trail Runner T-shirt provides lightness, breathability and comfort. Fight bad smell thanks to the carbon fabric.

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    T-shirt with short sleeves and zip made of polyester and Lycra coated with Silver Ions, with antibacterial, antiallergic and anti-odor treatment. Seamless manufacturing system, with constant sweat evaporation and quick drying, keeping the skin dry at all times and a constant body temperature.

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    Short-sleeved T-shirt, of great comfort and light. Its Droiland technology combined with Lycra Sport achieves a better adaptation during the months of medium / high temperatures.

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    Technical running shirt with short sleeves, light, elastic and breathable, with a half-zip collar. Made with multifilament fiber fabric, elastic in four directions and with “Flat-lock” type seams (to minimize the effect of chafing), and high breathability (thanks to its great ability to transport moisture to ...

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